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Switch Coffee specializes in supplying coffee people with excellent, ethically traded organic beans. 

We believe in supplying coffee that has a heart for the environment and the social conditions of the growers. Our ethos is simple. People should be able to drink a great coffee without a crisis conscience.

Industrial – This is the blend you will find us running through our machine morning, noon and night. It is bold, full and rich without sacrificing the subtle nuances of each origin. We like it as an espresso and stovetop, though it also makes a fantastic plunger.

Valvet – A medium dark roast that is the sum of its parts. South Pacific and South America are married in well-balanced multiplicity. We like this one both as a plunger and espresso !

Decaf – Solid full body, light acidity, subtle sweetness and clean smooth finish. If you want to have decaf this is the way to go. You won't feel you're missing out one bit.

Single Origins – Broaden your experience by trying an change ever changing selection.

Cafes and Eateries Proudly Serving Switch


Bayon Eatery

Boost Espresso

Caffeine & Chills

Coffee at Crosses

Dairo Cafe

Faith Hope & Love

Filter Room

Green Door

Hole the Wall Cafe

Kolachi Eatery

Lappuccino Cafe

Rogue Hop

Sai Eatery

Trattoria alla Toscana

The Pie Man

Three Doors Up

Urban Market 

Westshore Inn


Zest Cafe