Syphon Brew Guide

  • Hario TCA-2 syphon + filter
  • Butane/Methylated Spirits Burner
  • Stirrer
  • Timer
  • 250ml fresh water, preferrably heated to just before boiling
  • 16g of your favourite coffee, medium-fine grind
  • A mad scientist hairstyle (optional)
  • If brewing with a new filter, run a mock brew first with no coffee to clean your equipment. Once used, store your filter clean and damp.
  • Secure the cloth filter to the upper chamber by slipping the chain through the stem and hooking it over the rim - the chain should reach the bottom of the lower chamber.
  • Fill the lower syphon chamber with hot water and settle the upper chamber on top without locking it in to place
  • [ make sure the outside of the lower chamber is dry, as moisture could crack the glass at the next step ]
  • Ignite your burner and set it directly under the lower chamber. When there’s motion in the water – but before it boils – lock the upper chamber in. Now that a seal has formed you’ll see the water rapidly move to the top chamber – turn your burner down to a very low boil.

Start the timer and add the ground coffee to the upper chamber. Give it a brisk, quick stir to saturate the grounds.


Wait 15 seconds, then stir carefully twice around the outside of the brewing coffee.


Wait another 15 seconds, then extinguish the flame and remove the burner


Now cooling, the coffee will draw down to the lower chamber – this should take about 30 seconds.


Allow 30 seconds after the draw down and then remove the upper chamber and set it in the plastic lid/holder.


Decant your coffee (to help it cool) then, if you can, try to wait 3 to 4 minutes before you drink it to allow the flavours develop.

  • Enjoy