The Switch Family!

“Fifteen years ago, a friend bought an espresso machine.  I liked it, so I bought one.”  This was the simple way in which Trevor began his love affair with coffee.

Trevor bought a roaster and the experiment had begun.

The coffee was only for himself, his friends and his family, and really it still is, only the family has grown and so have the friends.

"At Switch we are more of a consumer than a proprietor,” says Trevor,

“We were just doing what we liked and hoped that others would like it too.”

We are committed to sourcing beans that are produced both organically and ethically through fair trade processes and direct relationships with the grower.  

Switch philosophy is “If the cost was comparative and the tasted great, why wouldn’t you?”  

“Switch coffee is coffee with a conscience".  “It will cost you no more than the standard coffee, but carries a guarantee of ethical working conditions and good farming practices.”