Cold Drip Brew Guide

  • Hario WDC-6 or Bruer Cold Brew
  • Two Hario paper filters
  • Timer
  • 510ml fresh, cold water
  • 60g of your Favourite coffee, freshly ground medium-coarse
  • ice to serve
  • PREP

    Designed for use with the Hario and Bruer drippers. We recommend a brew ratio of 1:85 (or 60g coffee to 510ml filtered, room temperature water) and produces a concentrate suitable for dilution with ice, water or milk.

    Measure filtered water into your water chamber and, after inserting and rinsing the filter paper, measure coffee into the coffee chamber, tapping gently to settle it evenly in place before inserting into your brewer.


    With everything in place, ease the on tap to full flow and run enough water through to fully saturate the grounds, then shut off the flow. Wait ten minutes for the water to soak in - dispose of any coffee that drips into the decanter in this time.


    Adjust the flow to one drip every two seconds - try to maintain this speed through the rest of the brew. As the water pressure lessens, you may need to revisit the flow rate.


    The whole brew should take between six and seven hours to finish up. It’s finished when the top chamber is empty and water drips only occasionally from the coffee chamber.
    Serve by the shot, over ice or topped up with chilled milk.

  • Enjoy