Pour Over Brew Guide

1 cup V60 pourover
  • 1 cup V60 paper filter
  • Pouring Kettle
  • Your favourite mug or vessel to extract into
  • Timer
  • Scales
  • 200ml fresh water, preferrably heated to just before boiling
  • 14g of your favourite coffee, medium-fine grind

Fold the filter paper along the seams so that when you insert it into your pourover it sits flat against the side.
Place it over your mug and rinse the whole thing with hot water to clear stray paper and warm the brewer.
Tip the hot water out and place the mug and brewer onto your scales and tare off to zero.
Add your coffee to the filter and give it a gentle shake so it sits flat and even in the filter. Tare again. We're ready.


Using the pouring kettle, add 20ml of water or enough to evenly saturate the coffee without much dripping though. [Bloom]


Let sit for 30 seconds or until colour is creeping up the filter’s sides and the coffee begins to smell sweet.
Keep adding water, pouring in small, slow circles, until your scale measures 200ml.
[ you may need to stop and start in order to keep the water level well below the pourover’s edge ]


It should take a little over two minutes for the full volume to brew.
[ apart from flavour, measuring your brew time is the best way to troubleshoot. If the water pools and doesn’t drain your grind is probably too fine. If it pours too quickly - or the finished cup is lacking in flavour - it’s probably too coarse 

  • Enjoy