Chemex Brew Guide

  • Three Cup Chemex
  • Pouring kettle
  • Timer
  • Scales
  • 320ml fresh water, preferably heated to just before boiling 
  • 25-30g of Favourite coffee, medium-coarse grind 

Place the folded filter into the Chemex, with the thick (3 paper) side facing the spout, then rinse thoroughly with hot water.
When the filter is rinsed and the brewer pre-heated, tip the hot water out and add your coffee to the filter. Set the Chemex on the scales and tare off to zero.
[ if you like your brew strong, add an extra 5 – 10g now ]


Start the timer and using the pouring kettle, add 50ml of water, or enough to saturate the coffee without too much dripping into the vessel. This will release gas from the coffee [bloom] and help with an even extraction.
Let sit for 30 seconds or until colour is creeping up the filter’s sides and the coffee smells sweet.


Using the pouring kettle, begin to add water. Try to pour in small, slow circles; soaking the coffee but keeping the water level below the top edge.
When the water level drops, resume pouring: once around the rim to submerge dry grounds and then in circles again. It should take about three minutes for the full 320ml to brew.
[ if the water stalls too soon, your grind might be too fine ]


Once the drip begins to stall, your brew is finished. Remove and discard the filter and enjoy.
Rule of Thumb approx 8-10g of coffee per 100ml of water